Booster infusion therapy for your well-being

BOOSTER INFUSION THERAPY is a true vitamin bomb and reaches the bloodstream directly without passing through the digestive tract, where it can unfold its full effect.
Infusion therapy

What is booster infusion therapy and how does it work?

Booster infusion therapy is the administration of vital substances (such as multivitamin complexes, minerals or trace elements) in liquid form directly into the body's circulation. In this case, the infusion is administered via the vein on the forearm. This form of treatment method can be used to regenerate the body in the case of an ailing immune system, excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption, states of exhaustion and, above all, anti-aging therapies.

Infusion of vital substances

The infusion of various vital substances optimally adapted to your needs can noticeably improve your quality of life and well-being. The body relaxes during the administration and is supplied with more energy, making you feel fresher and more vital immediately after the treatment. After a needs analysis, the vitamin cocktail you need is put together for you and administered.

For more vitality and well-being - and beauty that comes from within!

The booster infusion therapy is a true vitamin bomb and reaches the bloodstream directly without detouring via the digestive tract, where it can unfold its full effect.

  • Anti-Aging - Improvement of the skin quality and support of the regenerative capacity
  • Stress reduction - Relaxation and deceleration, for stressed minds
  • Burn-out and anxiety - for prevention and support in cases of excessive stress and anxiety
  • Detox - to support detoxification in the case of increased exposure to harmful substances, medicines, amalgam or other heavy metals and alcohol.
  • Strengthening the immune system - for support and prophylaxis in case of infections of all kinds
  • Weight reduction - to support losing weight and maintaining the desired weight
  • Vitality- against chronic fatigue and exhaustion

Frequently asked questions about booster infusion therapy


The increasing burden of stress, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, environmental influences, consumption of tobacco products or alcohol can trigger a nutrient deficiency. The consequences can be fatigue, tiredness, listlessness and a general deterioration in skin quality, a sallow complexion and premature wrinkling. Although there are numerous dietary supplements available in capsule or tablet form, they are usually inadequately dosed and cannot be absorbed by the body to the extent required.

When do you see results and what do they look like?

The first effects are already visible and above all noticeable from the first treatment. The infusion immediately relaxes the body and supplies it with the vital substances it needs.

After several sessions, the quality of the skin can be improved, signs of fatigue can be combated, general well-being can be improved and the body's own ability to detoxify can be supported. Susceptibility to infections of all kinds can also be reduced and the immune system strengthened.

How long does the booster infusion therapy last?

On average 30-50 minutes.


Elective medical practice - no health insurance funds

As an elective doctor's practice, we issue an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company.
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