Lipofilling in Vienna - Own fat injections

By means of the Fami technique, autologous fat is used in wrinkle treatment and lip augmentation. The application possibilities of injections with the patient's own fat (lipofilling) are diverse and range from breast augmentation to injections for dark circles under the eyes.

lipofilling - own fat injection

Advantages of lipofilling

As autologous fat is a material that is produced naturally in the body and does not contain any preservatives or foreign substances, allergic reactions or transfer of foreign bacteria are not possible with autologous fat injections.

Last but not least, autologous fat injection offers a natural, long-lasting result.

This is how own fat removal works

Using the tumenescence technique, autologous fat is taken from a suitable spot. If necessary, this can also be combined with liposuction in the case of really disturbing fat deposits (e.g. breeches).

After special preparation, the fat is injected under local anaesthesia with anatomical cannulas corresponding to the shape of the face!

Frequently asked questions about lipofilling

Patients who suffer from hollow cheeks, dark circles under the eyes and loss of tissue on the hands, décolleté or neck are particularly suitable for autologous fat injections!

Unsuitable patients for lipofilling are people with sagging cheeks or massive excess skin.

No, the procedure is painless and is performed under local anaesthetic.

As a side effect of autologous fat injections, bruising and slight swelling may occur, but these heal quickly.

I recommend taking arnica globules 3 weeks before and after the autologous fat injection. This way there is hardly any swelling or haematoma formation.

Serious statements about the costs of an autologous fat injection can only be made after a personal presentation and examination of the treating site.

Patient testimonials

Acne rosacea treatment I have been treated by Dr. Orasche since February. I had a massive episode of acne rosacea. I got an appointment immediately and Dr. Orasche was very empathetic and said we would get it under control. After a few laser treatments and fruit acid peelings it really improved a lot. I can highly recommend Dr. Orasche!
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From a DocFinder user
From e.
Super nice, competent and empathetic dermatologist! Takes enough time for his patients, quick appointments, little to no waiting time and a super friendly team - I'm very satisfied!
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Carolina Kalcher Avatar
Carolina K.
Very friendly and competent. Absolutely recommended!
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Katharina Sepiol Avatar
Katharina S.

Patient testimonials

Dr Orasche is such a great doctor in her specialist field. She really takes her time, you feel listened to and taken seriously. The team is very friendly and dedicated. She is also very knowledgeable about hormonal problems, e.g. during the menopause, and works with nature-identical hormones. She helped me a lot and I feel much better now. I am really happy to have finally found such a sensitive and competent doctor!!!
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Monika Sprinzel Avatar
Monika S.
A very lovely great doctor who I am happy to recommend to others.
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Agim Agim Avatar
Agim A.
Dr Orasche is very friendly, competent, listens and explains everything.
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Lidia Donik Avatar
Lidia D.

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