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Dr. Orasche and her team have many years of experience in the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins and work with the most modern therapy methods of the Laser treatment.
Anyone who would like to have spider veins removed in Vienna is in the Practice of Dr. Orasche in 1180 Vienna in good hands.

Have spider veins removed in Vienna or in tulln

What are spider veins and why should they be removed?

Spider veins appear as small, annoying, bluish or reddish, venous dilations of the vessels on the legs. They can be seen clearly on the surface of the skin, fan-like or sinuous. Spider veins get their name from their resemblance to birch twigs, which used to be tied together to make brooms.
Spider veins can be a genetically determined, purely cosmetic problem, but usually a weakness of the venous system also shows itself in the form of Varicose veins.
Since they do not disappear on their own, spider veins should be removed.

Spider veins causes

Spider veins are caused by the valves in the veins no longer closing completely, resulting in a build-up of blood in the leg veins. Due to this increased pressure, the vascular walls of the veins expand over time and then become visible.
The most common causes of spider veins are usually high blood pressure or obesity. The development of spider veins is promoted by hormone preparations (the pill), pregnancies, lack of exercise and professions that require a lot of standing.
Since spider veins can also be the first pathological changes in the veins, the entire venous system should be examined before treatment. This can detect varicose veins or a dysfunction of the deep veins, which should also be treated. The examination is carried out by means of a painless ultrasound examination.

Removing spider veins with a laser

Fine, superficial spider veins can be treated with special lasers.
The focused light of the laser heats the red blood pigment and penetrates the dilated vessels. This closes the dilated vessels and the body gradually breaks them down. Depending on the size of the spider veins, an average of two to three treatments are necessary for a perfect result. After the spider vein laser treatment, you should avoid sun, heat and saunas for a few days.

The advantages of laser therapy

  • Patients can leave the surgery immediately after the treatment
  • The treatment takes place without needles
  • Support stockings should be worn for 14 days to the
  • The best possible result should be achieved, especially if a major nutrient vein was at the origin of the development. We will advise you in detail about this.
  • There is no downtime
  • Safety and highest standard by the experienced team of Dr. Orasche

Sclerosing spider veins

If very pronounced spider veins or side branch varicose veins are diagnosed, spider vein sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice. In this treatment, the patient is injected with either a sclerosing foam or a liquid sclerosing agent by means of a small prick with an extremely thin needle. These agents stick together the vein walls and ensure that they are no longer supplied with blood and are broken down.
In Dr. Orasche's practice, the following are offered Sclerosing spider veins state-of-the-art sclerotherapy methods (foam technique) are used.

Have spider veins removed in Vienna or in tulln
Spider veins can be treated well with laser therapy

Frequently asked questions about removing spider veins

As a rule, removing spider veins is considered a cosmetic treatment that is not covered by health insurance.
Laser treatments or foam sclerotherapy usually cost between €150 and €300, depending on the findings.

A possible alternative from naturopathy is to place leeches near the spider veins. These suck out the blood and at the same time secrete anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant substances. However, the spider veins come back after some time because the dilated vessels fill up with blood again.

Applying raw potato peels for 3 minutes at a time for a fortnight is said to help alleviate spider veins.

Apple cider vinegar stimulates the blood circulation. Apply to the affected areas several times a day.

Existing spider veins cannot be removed without treatment, but you can do a few things to prevent them:
Riding a "bicycle" on your back, rotating your ankles during sedentary activities, massaging your legs with a natural bristle brush and wearing flat shoes.

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Very great dermatologist! She advises very well and immediately understands what you have in mind. The treatment with hyaluronic acid was short... Read more
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