Permanent hair removal with the laser

In our culture, smooth, hairless skin under the armpits, on the legs, in the bikini line or on the back is considered aesthetically beautiful. Nowadays, body hair is not only a cosmetic problem, but also a psychological one.

Many people don't want to shave or wax unwanted body hair all the time. This is not only time-consuming, but also stresses the skin. To get rid of the annoying hair in the long run, there is an effective method - Permanent hair removal with a diode laser. After only a few treatments by experts, you can enjoy lasting results.

Laser hair removal

Permanent Hair Removal Vienna & Tulln

The most modern, painless and effective hair removal lasers (MeDioStar laser device) are used in Dr. Orasche's surgeries. The 360 degree contact skin cooling of this device protects the epidermis and makes the treatment gentle and more pleasant for you. When using this technique, experience and conscientiousness are crucial for the perfect result. Dr. Orasche and her team have the appropriate training and long experience in the field of laser technology and will provide you with the best possible care after a personal consultation on all aspects of epilation.

How does laser depilation work?

With the help of high-energy pulsed laser light, the hairs are permanently destroyed at the hair root during laser hair removal. The cells in the roots of the hair are selectively heated and prevented from growing further, while the surrounding skin tissue remains healthy. The destruction of the growth cells prevents the hair from growing back in the treated areas.

Unfortunately, not all hairs are in the same growth cycle, so for permanent hair removal you have to count on several treatments at intervals of about six weeks. The hair roots can be either in the growth phase, the anagen phase, or in the resting phase. The duration of a cycle is three to eight weeks. During laser epilation, only the hair that is currently in the anagen phase can be removed. During the treatment, the special contact cooling technology ensures cooling and freedom from pain.

Laser treatment in the genital area - a sensitive topic

The laser can be used to depilate both the bikini line and the intimate area. The laser beam reaches the hair down to the root via the hair tip and scleroses it. This prevents new hair from growing back.

To be honest, it has to be said that lasers are felt a little more in this sensitive area than in other places. However, there is no severe pain, as with waxing in intimate areas. The laser procedure only takes about 5 minutes.

As with other parts of the body, permanent hair removal with the laser in the intimate area does not affect the nerve endings. The sensitivity in the intimate area therefore remains the same as before the treatment.

Laser hair removal costs

The cost of permanent laser hair removal depends on the treatment area and the area to be treated. Our team will provide you with a cost estimate in a personal consultation, depending on your wishes.

Just as every hair growth is individual, so is the laser treatment and the prices cannot be generalised before a personal consultation.

Prices range from €90 to €390 depending on the region.

Because the costs of laser treatment depend on hair density and surface area and these can vary greatly, you will only receive the exact cost estimate after an initial consultation.

Bear in mind that painful, regular waxing of the genital area has to be repeated every three to six weeks and costs around EUR 40 each time. In the long run, the Hair removal with the laser far more convenient and cost-effective.

Frequently asked questions about laser hair removal

Diode lasers are currently considered the most innovative technology for permanent hair removal. Using this modern technology, permanent hair removal is possible in as little as four to six treatments. The laser radiation is focused and concentrated on the areas of skin to be treated and destroys the growth cells of the hair.

Permanent depilation of this kind is almost or, depending on how you feel, completely painless.

The side effects of permanent hair removal with laser pulsed light can be slight redness, but this quickly subsides.

Depending on the thickness of the hair growth, you should expect 5 - 6 sessions.

For a perfect result, the areas to be treated should not be waxed, epilated or plucked for six weeks. For laser hair removal it is important that the hair roots are still intact. Shaving is still allowed, as the hair roots are not damaged during shaving.

Since hair is in different growth cycles and can only be removed in the growth phase, several sessions at intervals of about six weeks are necessary to get rid of the hair permanently.
The effect of the depilation is permanent. However, for the best result, you should have a booster treatment once a year afterwards.

Patient testimonials

A very nice doctor with a heart, took a lot of time and helped me a lot.
The receptionist was also very friendly.
Waiting time not even 10 minutes.
Simply recommendable ☺ thank you very much.
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Agim Agim Avatar
Agim A.
Sensitive and competent doctor. Laser treatment successfully carried out. I have been a satisfied patient for many years and can highly recommend Dr Orasche.
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Elisabeth Muhr Avatar
Elisabeth M.
I can only say the best about my visit to Dr. Orasche. Very competent doctor. My skin problem improved and healed very quickly. No long waiting time for appointments, friendly reception.....very recommendable.
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Karl M.

Patient testimonials

I got an appointment within a very short time and I also got my follow-up appointment within a week. The waiting time on site was less than 5 minutes. Dr Orasche was very nice. So it's definitely worth the money.
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Super advice, very friendly and emphatic !
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Mag. M.
A very lovely great doctor who I am happy to recommend to others.
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