Vampire Lift / PRP Therapy

Skin regeneration and biostimulation through micro-injections with the patient's own blood (plasma therapy).

In our offices in 1180 Vienna and in Tulln we offer this method of skin tightening for facial and forehead wrinkles.

Vampire Lift Mesotherapy Vienna

Wrinkle reduction with autologous blood

Wrinkles occur in the natural ageing process of the skin due to an imbalance between the death of skin cells and the production of new cells and collagen (part of the connective tissue, responsible for skin elasticity).

Injections (mesotherapy) of the body's own blood concentrate (A-PRP) support the natural skin regeneration process and improve skin quality. Wrinkles on the face, décolleté and other areas are thus reduced.

Areas of application of plasma therapy

A-PRP injections can be used to treat stretch marks, Acne and hypotrophic scars effectively.

Deep wrinkles
The face loses volume due to age and deeper wrinkles appear. Local injections of A-PRP gel reduce the wrinkles and restore volume to the face.

Hair loss
Injections of A-PRP into the scalp stimulate the stem cells of the hair root and thus the microcirculation. Hair loss is slowed down as a result. In a second phase, hair growth is supported.

A-PRP injections have analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects and significantly accelerate wound healing. They are recommended after laser or peeling treatments. Clinical studies even show improved cosmetic results of the treatments afterwards.

Skin rejuvenation through the body's own growth factors

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged with a special machine. Red and white blood cells are separated and the platelet-rich plasma is isolated. This plasma - also called platelet-rich plasma or PRP - is enriched with 8 highly concentrated natural growth factors.

The body's own blood concentrate obtained in this way is ready for use within 10 minutes. With wafer-thin needles, the platelet-rich plasma is administered to the affected skin areas, where the concentrated blood platelets activate those growth factors that control the skin's regeneration process. Direct plasma injection into the dermis thus accelerates the process of tissue regeneration and tissue build-up.

Results and advantages

A-PRP injections stimulate the cells and regenerate the tissue, the skin appearance is visibly rejuvenated. They also improve the elasticity of the skin and tighten it. The production of collagen fibres is stimulated and the skin colour also improves. A-PRP injection therapy thus leads to a long-term smoothing of wrinkles and accelerates the healing processes after aesthetic treatments.

Treatment duration

An A-PRP injection treatment lasts about 20 minutes. A therapy is usually completed with 3 - 4 sessions at intervals of 2 - 3 weeks each.

The rejuvenating, healing effect lasts for about 1 year. It can then be achieved again with a new therapy.

Many patients opt for an annual therapy interval. Currently, there is hardly a more effective, natural method of skin rejuvenation.

Prevent or repair UV damage

PRP therapy is recommended before summer to prevent damage and after summer to repair damage.


Combine plasma lifting with melatonin, glycine and adenosine.

PRP therapy stimulates skin regeneration and cell growth in a particularly natural, gentle and painless way. Various Studies prove that PRP treatment greatly improves skin quality in terms of wrinkles, photoaging, texture and pore size in participants. Melatonin, together with glycine and adenosine as further active ingredients, increase the bioactive effect of the PRP. The combination destroys free radicals and can penetrate deep into the cells.

is not only a sleep hormone, but also activates cell regeneration, cell renewal and cell protection. It relaxes the skin superficially, smoothes wrinkles and signs triggered by stress. The skin regains its youthful glow. There are many scientific studies on melatonin. In combination with selenium and zinc, essential trace elements are supplied to the skin, important building blocks for cell maintenance and cell structure.

Adenosine is a super-strong anti-aging active ingredient. It stimulates collagen production, increases skin elasticity and stimulates skin metabolism. Very effective for wrinkles. is a super-strong anti-ageing ingredient. It stimulates collagen production, increases skin elasticity and stimulates skin metabolism. Very effective for wrinkles.

Glycine is a component of the skin and supports numerous cell functions. It is contained in collagen as one of the most important amino acids. The skin appears firm and supple. Glycine increases the dermal collagen density and hydration.

Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials

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