Mini Fraxel Laser Clear & Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant® is a gentle, non-invasive laser method.
The fractionated laser beams penetrate specifically into the skin region to be treated, while surrounding tissue remains undamaged. This stimulates the regeneration of old and damaged skin cells and promotes a rapid healing process.

mini fraxel laser clear and brilliant 2-1

Intelligent Optical Tracking

The special feature of the Clear + Brilliant® laser is the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking System. Unlike the traditional stamp method, the expert can roll the laser over your skin. This method ensures an even treatment and faster healing with no to minimal downtime.

  • Minimal downtime - direct return to everyday life
  • Patented procedure, non-invasive
  • Visible and tangible results
  • Effective for all skin types in all seasons
  • Lunch Time Treatment - fast and effective

Treatment is suitable for you if you:

  • want to counteract the first signs of skin ageing
  • want to preserve the youthful fresh look of your complexion
  • want to minimise the pore size of your skin
Mini Fraxel Laser Clear and Brilliant before-and-after

CLEAR + BRILLANT® - For radiant and even skin

The Clear + Brilliant® system offers you a revolutionary and gentle method for intensive skin beautification. Your skin is optimised from the inside out without any surgical intervention.

Treatment is suitable for you if you:

  • want to counteract the first signs of skin ageing
  • preserve the youthful fresh appearance of your complexion
    would like
  • want to minimise the pore size of your skin

What effects can be achieved?

  • Fresher, radiant and even skin
  • Visibly reduced pigmentation marks and refined
  • Renewed, softer and smoother skin texture
  • Higher resilience and skin elasticity
  • Better absorption of your usual skin care products for intensified care results
  • Can be combined with fillers and Botox ®

Patient testimonials

Very friendly and competent. Absolutely recommended!
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Katharina Sepiol Avatar
Katharina S.
Very committed and competent also with regard to the menopause - the hormone level is raised again individually/as required with nature-identical (herbal) hormones, the quality of life returns :). Thank you very much!
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Martina Buchbauer Avatar
Martina B.
I went to see Mrs Orasche for the first time today! An absolutely friendly and competent doctor. She talks at eye level and really listens! Friendly, competent and likeable. Some other doctors could really learn something from her! Always happy to come back and a 100% recommendation! Greetings
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Ch Ak Avatar
Ch A.

Patient testimonials

Great experience, professional and sensitive! I was very satisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. Orasche and her very capable, friendly team - I visited the clinic after my pregnancy. I had carboxytherapy for scars and stretch marks and laser therapy for red veins. It is very positive that everything is explained well and that they give good and honest advice on what is feasible and also seems sensible. Dr. Orasche really takes her time and puts the patient in the foreground in a very pleasant and open atmosphere... I can highly recommend her to everyone!

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From a DocFinder user
From e.
A very good and sensitive doctor.
I received excellent advice and treatment.
I can only recommend
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Anita Scharf Avatar
Anita S.
A great, emphatic doctor with a lot of experience. I completely trust her with all matters concerning the skin. I can only recommend her!
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Viola Schritter Avatar
Viola S.

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