The Plasma Pen: The revolutionary lifting without surgery

Those who don't want to go under the knife finally have a serious alternative. The innovative plasma pen coupled with radio frequency is the gentle alternative to skin tightening surgery and unique in its combination of plasma energy and resistive radio frequency.

Beauty treatments with the Plasma Pen in Vienna

Fast results with the Plasma Pen

Without direct contact with the skin, an ionised electric arc acts on the skin surface via the tip of the Plasma Pen. The special combination of plasma light and radio waves vaporises the skin at the desired spot in a flash and in a punctiform manner. This tightens the surrounding skin intensively for up to three months afterwards.

The procedure is painless, particularly gentle on the body and the results are immediately visible. The deep lift brings further, additional improvements in the following 3 months.

Even an outpatient treatment at our clinic is often enough to open the eyes, tighten the eyelids and smooth skin around the mouth, neck, forehead or on the body. After a few days of downtime (redness, swelling) with coordinated aftercare, you are ready for social life again after a few days. The immediately visible result still tightens and is very lasting.

The Plasma Pen Treatment is ideally suited for patients who would like to have a Eyelid lift but have not yet dared to undergo the surgical procedure. Or those who have already had a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and would like to maintain the status.

Advantages of a Plasma Pen treatment:

  • Without scalpel and anaesthesia
  • Minimal risks
  • Low downtime
  • Long lasting effect of rejuvenation
  • Less expensive than surgery

Areas of application for the Plasma Pen:

  • Upper eyelid lift / lower eyelid lift (drooping eyelids)
  • Upper lip wrinkles
  • Crow's feet and wrinkles on the ear
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead and transverse folds
  • Removal of excess skin, liver spots as well as fibromas and skin tags (skin tags)
  • Age spots / pigment spots
  • Benign skin lesions

Plasma Pen Before and After Pictures

Frequently asked questions about Plasma Pen treatments

The Plasma Pen works with modern plasma technology. Gas from the environment is converted into an electric arc and used for treatment. This application is gentle on the skin and can treat very precisely and selectively chosen areas of skin. The skin outside the area to be treated is spared. This is a great advantage over surgery or laser treatment. For smaller areas of skin, immediate treatment is possible.

A numbing cream is perfectly sufficient for the treatment. After the treatment, the skin heals quickly if a special care routine is followed. The results are visible after just a few days: the skin looks fresh and well-groomed. As with most procedures, the visible results can vary from patient to patient.

After cleaning the skin, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated. This is followed by a contact time of approx. 30 minutes.

The skin can then be treated. After the treatment, a special cream is applied to promote healing. We also recommend this for care at home. In addition, a sunscreen SPF 50+ should be used for 4 weeks.

The treatment hardly has any serious side effects. Smaller areas of skin heal quickly and usually without complications. Larger areas may swell for one to three days.

The crust that develops on these areas of skin, however, already falls off a few days later. Afterwards, the skin is pink for about two to three weeks, as a so-called erythema develops on the treated skin, which, however, subsides on its own.

It should be noted that cosmeticians and alternative practitioners are not allowed to offer treatments with the plasma pen. Medical devices that damage the skin's protective barrier are, according to the law, only reserved for doctors.

Patient testimonials

Great doctor with empathy and competence. Dr. Orasche gave me great advice. Short waiting times, I can only recommend her.
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Nicole B.
Best ordination. Recommendable
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Suhaib H.
Very nice and professional, especially the receptionist is great!
Mayra Kiki Avatar
Mayra K.

Patient testimonials

The best dermatologist I have ever met. And a very nice assistant. What you rarely find nowadays: a... Read more
Ines Chitil Avatar
Ines C.
Acne vulgaris. Dr. Orasche is the most wonderful doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only her open, but also her... Read more
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S G.
I have been a loyal patient of Dr Orasche for years! I can only recommend her because in my opinion she works well with... Read more
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