Wrinkle treatment

In order to treat deeper skin and facial wrinkles correctly, an examination is required. The subsequent recommendation determines which type of Wrinkle treatment or wrinkle therapy is best suited for your skin.

Wrinkle treatment in Vienna and Tulln

Treatment methods for small and large wrinkles

There are different solutions and approaches to reduce wrinkles. Depending on the skin type and the patient's wishes, wrinkles can be counteracted using the following methods:

Treat mouth wrinkles before-after
Lip wrinkles can be effectively reduced with the fractional laser

Injecting wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is used for the following treatments for wrinkles: Injecting wrinkles, building facial contours, injecting lips and refreshing the skin. Hyaluronic acid is free from bovine collagen and silicone. An infection with animal pathogens or allergic reactions are therefore ruled out with hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections. There is no need for a skin test and hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections usually take less than 30 minutes. The result is healthy, natural-looking skin.

What does the wrinkle treatment cost?

The cost of wrinkle treatment can only be determined after an examination and the type of treatment. We ask for your understanding.

Patient testimonials

I am simply thrilled with the treatment. I have never experienced such a nice, competent doctor. I can only recommend her.
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Elisabeth Teimel Avatar
Elisabeth T.
One of the best doctors I have ever been to! Competent and very empathetic! I had a serious rash. Nobody could help me except Mrs De. Orasche! 1000 thanks !
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Sepp Huber Avatar
Sepp H.
Wrinkle treatment I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent care provided by Dr. Sylvia Orasche for her expertise, understanding, individual approach and professional advice. I am still very impressed by her exceptional empathy. Dr. is definitely worth a recommendation. I recommend.
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From a DocFinder user
From e.

Patient testimonials

Thank you for the support.
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Suhaib HAIDAR Avatar
Suhaib H.
Very friendly and competent. Absolutely recommended!
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Katharina Sepiol Avatar
Katharina S.
Very competent doctor. Her whole team is very nice and friendly.
With her therapy, I got my very pronounced rosacea under control or rather got rid of it. I am a completely new person. I am so grateful to Dr. Orasche. I am often asked what I have done with my skin, which is now totally beautiful.
I can only recommend Dr Orasche.
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Sonja Steinmair Avatar
Sonja S.

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