Beauty Radiofrequency Facial Care

The beauty radiofrequency range of applications: anti-ageing, age spots, wrinkle reduction, deep cleansing, scar treatment, puffy eyes, bags under the eyes, follow-up treatment for wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid and surgical scars. Due to its deep cleansing effect, RF therapy applications for acne are the ideal complement to acne therapy.
beauty radiofrequency for anti-ageing facial care

What is Beauty Radiofrequency?

By combining the three different methods of radiofrequency, ultrasound and electrophoresis, Beauty Radiofrequency combats the most common skin problems and restores the skin's natural elasticity.

Beauty RF (Radiofrequency) causes a immediately visible natural skin texture, reduces wrinkles and stimulates collagen formation.

Radiofrequency: This revitalises the collagen, stimulates cell metabolism and reduces wrinkles for minor aesthetic problems such as the upper arms, chest, stomach, legs and bottom.

Ultrasound: Elastic waves with 27,000 vibrations per second remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin's self-regeneration. The effect of ultrasonic deep cleansing and the gentle massage of the skin favour the vascular and lymphatic drainage of the treated areas.

Electrophoresis: Allows the cosmetic active ingredients used to penetrate the skin barriers and thus causes oxygenation of the tissue, acceleration of cell metabolism, micro-massage, emphatic drainage and tissue tightening.

Frequently asked questions about Beauty Radiofrequency


Beauty Radiofrequency, what is to be considered or advisable?

It is advisable to use ultrasound and electrophoresis before Beauty Radiofrequency. Ultrasound and electrophoresis cleanse the skin in depth and promote the absorption of active ingredients during the treatment. This means that the radiofrequency treatment has a better effect on the fibroblasts, which build up more collagen and thus tighten the tissue. The combination has an anti-ageing effect, revitalises and cleanses.

What needs to be considered with Beauty Radiofrequency?

It is important that no fruit acid is used during the treatment.

When does collagen formation begin?

The results of Beauty Radiofrequency will vary greatly from person to person. Sometimes it is noticeable shortly after the treatment and continues to develop over the next week, sometimes changes are only visible after a few treatments and after 4-6 months (due to slowed cell metabolism).

Injections: Can I have the Beauty Radiofrequency treatment?

Patients who are treated with Botox or Hyaluron injections must always seek the advice of their doctor.

Beauty Radiofrequency, how many times a week can I use it?

A maximum of two treatments per week can be carried out with Beauty Radiofrequency.

Do I have to avoid the sun after the Beauty Radiofrequency treatment?

No, it is not necessary to avoid the sun after Beauty Radiofrequency treatments, it is sufficient to use adequate sun protection.

What do Beauty RF treatments cost?

Reliable statements about the costs of treatments with Beauty RF can only be made after a detailed personal consultation. Please understand this.


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