Get rid of pollutants with the Detox Foot Bath

Support your body by eliminating harmful substances naturally! Gentle detoxification with the Detox foot bath.
detox footbath

Unleash your full health potential with electrolysis footbaths!

Environmental influences, stress, lack of exercise, consumption of tobacco products and alcohol as well as an unbalanced diet put a strain on our body. The body is only able to eliminate harmful substances naturally to a limited extent. The result can be chronic diseases and so-called diseases of civilisation.

Through electrolysis, the salty water is highly ionised and the impulse for elimination is given. In the following 24 to 48 hours, toxins can be eliminated via the skin, kidneys, lungs and intestines. Especially from the third application onwards, an intensive elimination can be observed. At the same time, the cells in the body are electrically revitalised, the body fluids are cleansed and activated so that they can once again support the body as a means of transport and cleansing.


Elective medical practice - no health insurance funds

As an elective doctor's practice, we issue an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company.
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