Eyelid lift without surgery

In our practices in 1180 Vienna and Tulln we have the most modern, minimally invasive methods for tightening drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes. Eyelid correction without surgery using plasma pens, lasers and radio waves.
Eyelid lift without surgery

Have drooping eyelids removed without surgery

Bright eyes give the impression of vitality and health. Because the skin around the eyes is very delicate, the eyelids slacken with age, resulting in the so-called drooping eyelids. Overhanging upper eyelids make the eyes appear smaller, and the field of vision can be restricted. Severely drooping lower eyelids (bags under the eyes) make the face look tired, old and lacking in energy. If you would like to improve this situation but do not want to have a surgical procedure, you can get advice on the most modern possibilities of eyelid lifting without surgery in our surgeries in Vienna or Tulln.


What complaints can occur with drooping eyelids?

  • Tired or dry eyes
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Headaches due to tension
  • Limitation of vision

The possibilities of eyelid lifting without surgical intervention:

In our surgery, the most modern minimally invasive procedures can be used to tighten the eyelids. This makes it possible to achieve impressive results in a short time, even without a scalpel. Before an operation, your specific situation is clarified and you are informed in detail about the treatment options and their costs. The focus is on patient satisfaction and long-lasting aesthetic results.

Eyelid lift top and bottomPlasma Pen Lower Eyelid Penetration

Before and after pictures of eyelid lifting with the Plasma Pen

Eyelid lift without surgery with the Plasma Pen:

In this low-pain procedure, the tip of the pen vaporises excess tissue without direct skin contact using a combination of plasma light and radio waves. The pen can be used to work quickly, gently and precisely on the skin. The residual skin tightened by the light flash contracts by itself within the next few weeks (shrinking effect). Even one eyelid correction with the Plasma Pen can be sufficient to achieve a long-lasting tightening of the eyelids. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. Suitable for all those who would like to avoid a surgical eyelid correction (blepharoplasty) under anaesthesia.

Advantages of an eyelid lift with the Plasma Pen :

  • The skin outside the area to be treated is protected
  • Surgery without scalpel and anaesthesia
  • Low downtime
  • Long lasting effect
  • Less expensive than surgery

Thread lifting:

This method of gentle lifting by means of threads is suitable for gentle tightening in the eye area. During this treatment, thin threads are pulled directly into the skin with a wafer-thin needle to tighten the corresponding region. This lifts and smoothes sagging eyelids or eyebrows. The result is a firmer, fresher appearance. The thread material is very well tolerated and is completely absorbed by the skin.

Advantages of thread lifting:

  • Effect lasts up to two years
  • Repeatable as often as desired
  • Well tolerated

Laser/radiofrequency eyelid lift:

This type of eyelid lift is the best form of treatment for severely droopy lower eyelids. Under local anaesthesia, the sagging skin is removed in a crescent shape after precise measurement.

Advantages of the Radio frequency therapy:

  • Long-lasting, natural-looking result
  • Can be carried out on an outpatient basis
  • Few after-effects, such as swelling or bruising

Treatment with the laser (blepharatomy)

After the eyelids have been precisely measured, the region is gently anaesthetised. Afterwards, the excess skin is removed with the high energy Laser removed painlessly. The wafer-thin stitches used for suturing are removed after one week.

Hyaluronic acid injections

The treatment of dark circles and eye bags with hyaluronic acid makes the tired-looking eye area shine again. For the filling, highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected directly onto the cheekbones below the eye sockets using wafer-thin cannulas. The result is visually very appealing and lasts up to one year.

Botox Browlift

A targeted Botox injection below the eyebrow numbs the ring muscle that runs around the eye. This raises the eyebrow and the drooping eyelid is reduced. However, the effect is only temporary (about three months) before the body has broken down the Botox again.

Frequently asked questions about eyelid lift without surgery


What can you do yourself to prevent droopy eyelids?

Abstain from nicotine:
Quitting smoking ensures optimal oxygen supply to the skin and supports collagen formation and cell renewal.

Support of collagen synthesis:
Food supplements with collagen, hyaluronic acid, zinc and botin can help maintain healthy skin.

Red alga:
Cosmetic products made from the marine plant are said to have the ability to penetrate and repair deeper layers of the skin.

Is it possible to cosmetically remove drooping eyelids for a special evening?

Magic Stripes, small transparent silicone strips, are stuck to the eyelid and hold the skin back.

When is an eyelid lift medically necessary?

If drooping eyelids are so pronounced that they obstruct vision, surgery is considered medically necessary. In this case, the health insurance companies cover the costs of the necessary, approved operation (blepharoplasty).


Elective medical practice - no health insurance funds

As an elective doctor's practice, we issue an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company.
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