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Hair loss (effluvium) occurs when more than 100 hairs fall out every day over a longer period of time. Men in particular often suffer from hair loss at a young age, while women usually notice more severe hair loss after childbirth or from the menopause onwards.
Hair loss treatment in Vienna or in Tulln with Dr. Orasche

We associate healthy, strong, shiny hair with vitality, health and also fertility. Thin, weak hair is considered a sign of physical or mental imbalance. If the hair becomes thinning, this can be very stressful for those affected.
If you notice that your hair is thinning, brittle or falling out, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. experienced dermatologist of your confidence. In our surgeries in Vienna and Tulln, you will find a competent team that can carry out a comprehensive hair analysis and work with you to develop a therapy plan for your hair. Hair loss treatment elaborated.

Reasons for hair loss

External factors:

  • Incorrect hair care or hair dye products
  • Mechanical stress: excessive towelling, plastic comb
  • Permanent wearing of headgear.
  • Too much sun exposure

Internal factors:

  • Poor nutrition. Micronutrient deficiency
  • Acidosis
  • Genetic preload
  • Hormonal disorders, menopause, after pregnancy
  • Various diseases, hypothyroidism, chemotherapy
Hair loss in women
The wrong hair comb can also lead to unnecessary hair loss.

Diffuse hair loss (alopecia diffusa)

Diffuse hair loss often occurs in situations where the soul or body is under stress. This can be stress, poor nutrition, illnesses, taking certain medications or a hormonal imbalance. In this case, the hair roots are still intact, but they are no longer sufficiently supplied with the essential amino acids and the important B vitamins by the blood circulation. You have to look for the cause three months back. This is how long it takes for hair loss to become noticeable.

Treat diffuse hair loss

It is important to eliminate the reason for the hair loss (change of medication, recovery from an illness, stress reduction, vitamin and mineral supplementation).
To promote hair growth, the dermatologist may prescribe Minoxydil drops (men 5 % - women 2 % solution) or a Minoxydil foam to rub into bald patches of the scalp.
Our team offers the latest therapy methods that bring lasting results for almost all forms of hair loss, such as carboxy therapy or mesotherapy.

Circular hair loss (Alopecia Areata)

Sharply demarcated bald patches of varying size are characteristic.
This form of hair loss is thought to be caused by an autoimmune disease and a genetic disposition.

Circular hair loss treatment

Carboxytherapy has proven particularly effective against this form of hair loss.
The medical carbon dioxide that is introduced into the tissue under the skin has a strong vasodilating effect. More vessels allow a greater and stronger blood flow to the area, stimulating the hair roots and reactivating the dead capillaries.

Hair loss in men
Hereditary hair loss mainly affects men.


Genetic hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)

Hereditary hair loss mainly affects men. The hair roots react sensitively to the male sex hormones (androgens). The dihydrosterone (DHT) in particular gradually shortens the growth phase of the hair in those affected until only very thin, barely visible hairs (vellus hairs) grow back. Finally, the hair follicles shrink so much that no hair grows back at all.
Genetic hair loss is less common in women. Increased testosterone production is usually responsible for the thinning of the hair, mainly in the crown area. This often occurs in connection with polycystic ovary syndrome or after menopause, when oestrogen production decreases.

Specially prepared hair tonic with Minoxydil E2 CPA blocks testosterone. Oestrogen strengthens the hair and minoxydil dilates the existing blood vessel.

Therapeutic option: Antiandrogenic carboxy to build up the vessels and plasma therapy with vitamins into the scalp (vampire method).

Carboxy therapy - Successful for almost all forms of hair loss

In this minimally invasive method, the medical CO₂ gas is injected into the scalp by means of shallow injections with a thin needle into the thinning areas. The carbon dioxide has a strong vasodilating effect. Dilated vessels allow greater and stronger blood flow to the area, stimulating and re-activating the hair roots. The procedure takes about 20 minutes on a hairy scalp.
The skin may be slightly red and swollen for a short time after the treatment. A slight burning or tingling sensation is also normal and does not require any special measures.
The treatment can be repeated after 1 to 2 weeks. After a few sessions, hair loss is inhibited and hair growth resumes. The hair that grows back becomes stronger and thicker.
The earlier treatment is started, the greater the chances that the hair roots are still intact and can be activated.

The Mesotherapy

This method also stimulates the hair follicles by means of injections and stimulates the blood circulation. Revitalisers such as dexpanthenol, biotin, coenzyme Q10, thymus extract or homeopathic active ingredients are used.

Frequently asked questions about hair loss

Which hairstyle for hair loss?

A short hairstyle is advantageous for thinning hair.

Does blow-drying accelerate hair loss?

Yes, no matter what form the hair loss takes, the hair should not be blow-dried hot. This can increase hair loss under certain circumstances.

Which substances stimulate hair growth?

Products with bamboo extract (contains silicon) are said to stimulate growth. Food supplements with biotin and zinc, vitamin D and B are recommended.

Are there hair growth remedies that work?

Since hair loss has many different causes, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about which remedies are effective. A hair restorer with the active ingredient minoxydil from the pharmacy often causes the hair to grow back.


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