Wrinkle formation - prevent skin ageing

The Clear + Brilliant laser allows the formation of wrinkles, skin ageing and signs of aging to be reduced at an early stage. This preserves the even complexion of youthful skin on the face for longer.
Prevent skin ageing and minimise wrinkles with the Mini Fraxel Laser Clear + Brilliant

Reduce and prevent wrinkles with laser

Solta Medical, which also produces the Fraxel fractional laser, has released its latest innovation, the Clear + Brilliant. The new laser system offers an effective solution in aesthetic medicine for preventive, less invasive treatments with minimal downtime. The so-called mini Fraxel is an effective addition to a skin care programme in wrinkle treatment and allows dermatologists to counteract the unwanted signs of ageing.

Preventive effect against wrinkles

  • Visibly radiant skin
  • Evenly radiant complexion
  • Renewed soft and smooth texture
  • Restoring the beauty of youthful skin
  • Minimum downtime

Frequently asked questions about wrinkle reduction by laser


How long does a treatment take?

A session with the Clear and Brilliant laser takes 20-30 minutes.

Prevent skin ageing - who is it suitable for?

Women and men of all ages can be treated.

How many sessions are needed?

Depending on your needs, 2-4 sessions are necessary. The ideal treatment interval would be once a month.

To maintain the results (maintenance therapy) we recommend two sessions per year.

Skin care during the treatment period?

We recommend using enough moisturiser.

Are there any side effects?

Apart from slightly reddened skin, there are no side effects.

What does the Clear and Brilliant treatment / therapy cost?

We ask for your understanding, as the treatment costs vary depending on the sessions.


Elective medical practice - no health insurance funds

As an elective doctor's practice, we issue an invoice that you can submit to your health insurance company.
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