Treat lip wrinkles

Lip wrinkles are generally considered a sign of an ageing face. For this reason, many people want to have their wrinkled lips treated. A professional upper lip wrinkle treatment will make your face look younger and fresher again. You will achieve the best results if you start the treatment when the wrinkles first appear, if possible.
Treat mouth wrinkles Vienna. Lip wrinkles, upper lip wrinkles

Lip wrinkles are fine wrinkles that usually form on or directly above the upper lip. Perioral wrinkles, also called smoker's lines, extend vertically from the upper lip towards the nose, or form from the lower lip towards the chin. Although the mouth wrinkles are only fine, they still have a great effect on the overall facial expression. If lipstick is used, it runs into the wrinkles, which further intensifies the wrinkled impression.

Reasons for the appearance of lip wrinkles

As we age, our skin loses elastic fibres and collagen - the subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes increasingly weaker. The stronger the facial expression, the faster wrinkles spread around the stressed area of the mouth. Lip wrinkles are particularly favoured by the pursing of the lips during smoking. But genetic predisposition and UV radiation from sunbathing also contribute to premature signs of ageing such as wrinkles around the eyes and lips.
Men are largely spared lip wrinkles because the male skin is firmer and additionally the hair follicles of the beard act as a stabiliser.

Lip wrinkle treatment methods

There are numerous modern, minimally invasive treatment methods that can lead to a satisfactory result for you. Our team will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the best treatment method for you.

Treat lip wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Wrinkles that have appeared on the upper and lower lip can be smoothed out immediately with the help of hyaluronic acid. The result lasts up to 10 months. Pain during the treatment is largely avoided by applying an icing cream. To ensure a natural result, an experienced dermatologist should be consulted. It is crucial that the doctor treats the correct skin layer and also uses the exact amount of hyaluronic acid required. The advantage of a targeted hyaluronic acid treatment is that it also increases the volume of the lips.

Treat upper lip wrinkles with microneedling

In the area of the upper and lower lip, microneedling causes an improvement of the superficial lip wrinkles. A roller with fine titanium needles is used to stimulate the formation of new skin cells through minimal injuries.

Treat mouth wrinkles with fruit acid

With Fruit acid can improve a wrinkled, tired-looking complexion.
For long-lasting results, the treatment should be repeated every two to three months.

Treat lip wrinkles with Botox

Smoker's wrinkles caused by strong activity of the muscles can be reduced after icing of the mouth area by injections with highly diluted Botox. This does not affect the movement of the mouth. The result is visible for about 6 months.

Mouth wrinkle repair with thread lifting

For wrinkles on the upper and lower lip, treatment using thread lifting is a good option. The threads are inserted painlessly by icing in the lip region. The body resorbs the threads and slowly builds up fresh connective tissue. A firming process begins without the appearance of swelling. The success lasts 1 to 2 years.

Treatment of lip wrinkles with the laser

Treatment with the fractional laser leads to a beautification of the skin appearance on the upper and lower lip due to the peeling effect. Redness and flaking may occur after the laser treatment. During the treatment, you only feel a slight burning and warm sensation due to the application of an icing cream. The smoothing effect lasts an average of 1 year.

After the Wrinkle treatment moisturising nutrients with valuable oils should be used for care.

Treat mouth wrinkles before-after
Before - After pictures of an upper lip wrinkle treatment

Frequently asked questions about lip wrinkle treatments

How can you prevent lip wrinkles?

  • Apply sunscreen:
    Apply a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (30 or 50) also to the sensitive mouth area. Excessive sunbathing generally leads to irreparable damage to the skin cells.
  • Weekly peeling:
    If you use an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week for the skin, including around the mouth, you will remove dead skin cells.
  • Facial muscle training:
    A daily, consistent ten-minute facial muscle workout increases muscle mass and stimulates blood circulation. The tissue around the lips is also tightened.
  • Drink a lot:
    Drinking enough water ensures an optimal moisture balance.

Are there any risks with lip wrinkle treatment?

Risks and possible side effects are very low when treated by an experienced dermatologist, in a minor procedure without general anaesthesia. Redness or swelling are possible, but these will disappear after 1 to 2 days.

What home remedies for lip wrinkles?

  • Moss ointment: Moss has great storage capacities for moisture. Ointments containing moss are said to be able to transfer this property to the skin and thus soften wrinkles.
  • Primer for the lips: Use a lip primer. This forms an invisible film on the lips and prevents lipstick from bleeding into the wrinkles when applied. Lip gloss makes the lips appear fuller.



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