Body lifting without surgery

The experienced team of Dr. Sylvia and Dr. Christian Orasche offers you various modern methods for body tightening / body lifting in a pleasant atmosphere and plans the best treatment method for you together with you.
Body lifting without surgery

When does skin tightening make sense?

Today it is possible to eliminate or reduce signs of ageing with simple methods. Body tightening smoothes the skin, removes excess skin and fatty tissue and provides lasting visual rejuvenation of the treated regions.
Sagging skin on the upper arms or thighs, a flabby bottom or stomach, or marks left on the body by pregnancies often lead to low self-esteem. A body lift is also necessary after a major weight loss, if the skin does not completely return to its original shape after years of overstretching. However, those affected should have already reached their desired weight through a consistent change in diet before starting treatment.

What are the options for body lifting?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound):

Behind this name is one of the most modern treatment options for body tightening using focused ultrasound waves. The energy of the ultrasound creates many small heat points under the predefined skin area. This initiates regeneration processes and stimulates new collagen fibres to grow.
The connective tissue is strengthened and the skin appears firmer and smoother after the treatment. The skin is protected from excessive heat with a cooling gel.

The highly focused ultrasound device can be used to treat the face and neck area, the décolleté, the upper arms and thighs, the buttocks and the abdomen.
Several regions can be treated at the same time, so you can have a real body lift in one session. For the treatment of one area, 30 to 40 minutes must be planned. In the hands of an experienced specialist, this treatment is complication-free.

Body lifting without surgery using carboxy therapy:

In 2002, Dr Sylvia Orasche was the first to lead the Carboxy therapy for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation in Austria.
This well-tolerated form of therapy is mainly used against Wrinkles on the faceIt can also be used on large areas to treat cellulite or stretch marks.
Carboxytherapy is also suitable for tightening the upper arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. In these body regions, the lipolytic effect is primarily in the foreground. Therefore, this therapy can also be helpful for the clinical picture of lipedema. This is a disproportionate distribution of fatty tissue and the storage of water in the surrounding tissue.

The term carboxy is derived from carbon and oxygen. In carboxy therapy, CO₂ gas (carbon dioxide) is introduced under the skin using thin needles or a laser device. This stimulates various metabolic processes. By improving the tissue with oxygen, dead cells can be removed and the newly formed skin underneath appears fresher, younger and firmer.

Body lifting without surgery - treatment with the fractional CO₂ laser:

The Dr. Orasche team offers minimally invasive, sustainable wrinkle treatment with the revolutionary fractional CO₂ laser This makes a natural-looking facial rejuvenation possible. The skin is prepared with a medical cream for at least two weeks before the treatment, and the skin must also be protected from sunlight with a high sun protection factor. Likewise, effective treatment of stretch marks or stretch marks can be achieved with this method.
The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and is therefore almost painless.

With the computer-controlled laser, which simultaneously analyses the moisture balance of the skin, microscopically small injuries are evenly inflicted on the skin. In contrast to conventional lasers, the fractionated CO₂ laser does not emit its light pulses over a wide area, but fractionated (divided) into many small beam pulses. There are uninjured areas of skin between the inserted holes, which ensure natural, rapid healing and contract the underlying tissue. As a result, treatment with fractional lasers is generally much less painful and has fewer side effects than previous laser procedures. In most cases, the skin is only slightly reddened. New collagen is built up and the skin looks young and healthy again. Three treatments at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks are recommended.


Similar to the classic carboxy therapy, this form of therapy is based on the principle of microinjections. Instead of CO₂ gas, preparations from natural medicine such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins or antioxidants are injected. The mixture of active substances is individually adapted to the patient.

Radiofrequency therapy:

This completely painless form of therapy is often used in combination with carboxytherapy. The skin is heated to deep layers by a special device that emits radio waves, thereby stimulating collagen formation. The heat also stimulates the metabolism. As a result, the treated connective tissue appears visually plumped up.
The Radiofrequency therapy offers a wide range of applications. It is not only used for the renewal of facial skin, but also for the treatment of scars, the reduction of fat deposits, and the Cellulite reduction used.



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