The gentle natural healing method of mesotherapy, like carboxytherapy, helps against cellulite and facial wrinkles.

An individually tailored mix of active ingredients is injected under the skin using small needle pricks. The result is gentle, lasting skin rejuvenation.

Vampire Lift Mesotherapy Vienna

Mesotherapy - Description

Mesotherapy originated in France and was developed around 1960 by the French doctor Michel Pistor.
After a precise anamnesis, the substances for the active substance mix of the therapy are determined depending on the condition of the skin. The mix of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid is then injected about one millimetre under the skin using a mesotherapy gun.

Wrinkle smoothening with hyaluronic acid

An important ingredient of the mixture is hyaluronic acid, which has a very strong moisture-binding effect and is therefore also contained in many anti-ageing creams. Mesotherapy has a firming effect because the respective skin area is injected with many small injections over a large area. Thus, about 60 to 70 micro-injections are made per cheek to bring the rejuvenating mixture exactly where the skin needs it.

Almost painless skin rejuvenation

The punctures are only slightly felt because the active substance mix also contains a mild anaesthetic. Besides the right mix, the injection technique is crucial. The application in the form of a net must be perfectly mastered. In particularly sensitive areas, manual injection is preferred in order to be able to work with maximum tissue protection in sensitive areas such as the eye region.

Frequently asked questions about mesotherapy

A mesotherapy treatment lasts about 10 minutes.

Six basic sessions are required, followed by maintenance therapy six times every four weeks.

If the skin is very sensitive, slight bruising may occur, which will disappear after a few days.

Mesotherapy for cellulite primarily improves microcirculation, reduces lymphatic congestion and blocks the receptors for fat storage.

Mesolift is ideal for making the skin look fresher overall and can be applied to the face, neck, décolleté; and hand area. The skin is plumped up from the inside with hyaluron, can bind more water and looks fresher.

Connective tissue loses its elasticity over time and some areas, such as the upper arms, become flabby. Here, too, mesotherapy in combination with collagen-stimulating Cool-Touch laser therapy can bring real improvements.

If the sensation of pain is too great, an additional anaesthetic cream can be applied 1 hour before the therapy, which makes the treatment almost painless.

The costs of mesotherapy can only be determined after a precise anamnesis and the substances required for the therapy.

We ask for your understanding for this, as the costs for the active substance mix vary.

Patient testimonials

Dr. Orasche admitted me with an acute skin problem and nevertheless advised me competently about therapy and medication. Many sincere thanks
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Johannes Mantler Avatar
John M.
THANK YOU that there are SUCH WONDERFUL doctors! Dr. Orasche provides competent and loving care. Her gift of diagnostics is unbelievable - for me she is the BEST - I have been to see her several times now - and EVERY time I was fascinated!

Dr. Orasche is not only extremely competent but also innovative - she has devices that are almost unique in Austria, such as the Fraxel laser, with which I had wonderful success!
Furthermore, she is very reliable, precise and extremely warm-hearted.

I also had Botox and hyaluronic acid done by her and she was extremely conscientious about these too. Likewise, the stitches she put in me were almost painless and without bruises in the days afterwards! It was really incredible!

I feel in wonderful hands when she looks after me - THANK YOU for letting me be your patient! It's nice that there are doctors like this, because they are actually angels!
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From a DocFinder user
From e.
Highly recommended. Dr. Orasche takes my skin problems very seriously and has put together a very good and, above all, quickly effective treatment plan. Dr. Lachut is my absolute queen for Botox and Hyaluron. - Many thanks to both of you!
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Kristin Avatar

Patient testimonials

Frau Doktor takes a lot of time for her patients and the treatments. She is highly recommended for moles and aesthetic treatments.
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Sanela Stevanovic Avatar
Sanela S.
Dr Christian Orasche is a really competent and very friendly doctor. He recognised the problem immediately, started treatment and presented me with the solution/possibilities straight away. I can only recommend anyone looking for a good dermatologist to visit him at his practice in Vienna (or Tulln). A really big plus is that I got a suitable appointment within a few days. The surgery in Vienna is very modern and nicely furnished. The waiting time was really okay. However, I have to deduct one star because it is no longer modern to pay only in cash (not by credit card, bank transfer, etc.) and I therefore had to get extra money. I also found no indication of this on the website. All in all, however, a CLEAR RECOMMENDATION for Dr Christian Orasche.
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Daniel Boes Avatar
Daniel B.
Dr Orasche takes enough time for all matters, conducts detailed consultations and has a competent team.
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Elisabeth Trsek Avatar
Elisabeth T.

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